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SIAS event calendar

Tuesday 2 November 2010

AGM and Jubilee lecture
Staple Inn,
High Holborn,

The Annual General Meeting of the Society will be held in Staple Inn Hall on Tuesday 2 November 2010 and will be followed by the Jubilee lecture. The members of the current committee are:
>> Fiona Morrison, chairman, fellow, Lane Clark & Peacock LLP
>> Will Bennett, honorary secretary, fellow, Barnett Waddingham LLP
>> Gerard Francis, honorary treasurer, fellow, Towers Watson
>> James Williamson, student, Barnett Waddingham LLP
>> Mark Dainty, student, High Finance Actuarial Ltd
>> Richard Purcell, fellow, Pension Corporation
>> Joanne Meusz, fellow, Government Actuary’s Department
>> Alvin Kissoon, fellow, PricewaterhouseCoopers
>> Taha Ahmad, student, Navigators Management UK Ltd
>> Georgios Bakoloukas, student, Swiss Re
>> Iain Ritchie, fellow, Hewitt Associates
>> Divyaa Mohan, student, Hewitt Associates
>> Rishwinder Grewal, student, Mercer
>> Sarah Darwin, fellow, Swiss Re
>> Chintan Gandhi, student, Hewitt Associates.

Fiona Morrison, Gerard Francis, Alvin Kissoon, Mark Dainty, Richard Purcell, Joanne Meusz and Chintan Ghandi are retiring at the annual general meeting. Alvin Kissoon, Mark Dainty, Richard Purcell and Joanne Meusz are standing for immediate re-election.

Will Bennett will continue to serve as honorary secretary for the 2010/11 session. James Williamson has been nominated to take over the position of honorary treasurer on Gerard Francis’ retirement. The committee’s nominated chairman is to be confirmed.

The main business of the meeting will be to accept the reports and accounts, to confirm the nominations for chairman and honorary treasurer and to confirm the appointment of the successful candidates in the election to fill the vacancies for ordinary members of the committee.

The rules of the Society state that there can be between eight and twelve ordinary committee members, so there is a maximum of six vacancies to be filled, with four nominations already received from the current members who are standing for re-election. The vacancies for ordinary members are open to any member of the Society, other than one who has already served six years as an ordinary member of the committee or who will be older than 35 on 1 October 2010 and has not already served on the committee. One vacancy will be reserved for a ‘younger member’, being a member who has not yet completed the examinations of the Institute of Actuaries, Faculty of Actuaries or any other body of actuaries, or who has not done so since 1 April 2009 and who has not already served on the committee for at least three years.

Nominations should be sent in writing to the honorary secretary, giving the name, status and employer of the candidate, together with the names of proposer and seconder, who must be SIAS members. Each candidate should supply a personal profile no longer than 50 words, including a brief biographical history, which will be included in the ballot paper should an election be required. Nominations should be received no later than Tuesday 31 August 2010. Notice is also needed in writing before 31 August 2010 of any resolutions that members may wish to move at the meeting.

If anyone has any questions about the role and responsibilities of committee members, please contact Will Bennett at secretary@sias.org.uk. We expect all committee members to attend committee meetings (up to eight per year at Staple Inn on a Tuesday evening), attend subcommittee meetings (about four per year, venue decided by convenor), attend most SIAS sessional meetings (ten per year, Tuesday evenings), attend the Jubilee lecture, attend the annual supper and attend some of the social events (approximately one per month, usually Thursday evenings).


Friday 26 November

SIAS ball
Old Billingsgate Market

SIAS celebrates its centenary this year, and what better way to mark the occasion than by attending this extra special ball in the splendour of Old Billingsgate Market. Be sure to save the date, and look out for more details to follow!