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SAAX talk highlights transition issues for migrant workers

Professor Bor, a 
well-respected chartered psychologist, spoke extensively on the challenges faced by Southern Africans when they emigrate 
to the UK and captivated the audience 
with anecdotes of his experiences.

In particular, Professor Bor considered the impact on family and friends, pitfalls faced by immigrants in their professional and private lives and also noted how emigrating can sometimes lead to an increased risk of developing psychological problems.

He explained in layman’s terms the psychological definition of ambiguous loss, and how this is relevant to people who have migrated from one country to another. In the last part of the discussion, he gave a point-by-point account on how the transition can be managed effectively. He highlighted the importance of maintaining regular communication with family and friends, setting clear goals and of integrating with society and culture in the new home country.

Professor Bor’s talk was wide-ranging and the points he made resonated with everyone in attendance. The discussion during the Q&A session was testament to this.

The event which took place at the Towers Watson offices in London, was kindly sponsored by GAAPS Actuarial, and the SAAX chairperson, Adrian Baskir, awarded the prize for the best question asked to Lisa Morgan.

SAAX is a professional network for Southern Africans in the UK, and this was the third and last event of 2011.