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Royal Institution club aims to unite science and finance communities

The 14-10 club will be formally launched on 6 October 2011 by club patrons David Harding, founder of Winton Capital Management hedge fund and Alex Lipton, MD and co-head of the Global Analytics Group, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and visiting professor of mathematics at Imperial College London.

The club, which takes its name from the achievement of the Royal Institution science (during the nineteenth century 10 chemical elements were isolated by its Fellows Sir Humphry Davy and Lord Rayleigh, and in the following century 14 Nobel prizes were won by scientists who work in Ri laboratories), will meet on a monthly basis to hear from top expertise in science, maths and finance at the Institute's Mayfair home.

Future speakers include cosmologist Professor John Barrow; theoretical ecologist and past government chief scientific advisor Lord Robert May; head quant at Barclays Capital and Risk magazine ‘Quant of the Year 2011' Vladimir Piterbarg; and Nobel laureate and behavioural economist Professor Daniel Kahneman.

Commenting on the launch, Mr Harding said: "I am very pleased to be supporting the 14-10 club. At Winton Capital we fund a great deal of mathematical research and we are committed to strengthening the relationship between science and finance communities."

Fellow patron Mr Lipton continued: "Science and maths are now at the heart of the financial sector. The type of work we do, building quantitative models and strategies, means that those entering financial careers no longer see themselves as leaving science behind, but as applying it in a different context."

The club is open to anyone working in finance with an interest in science and maths. Applications can be made online at www.rigb.org/14-10club. Annual membership costs £350, and does not include Ri membership.