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Ronik Shah

It’s difficult to summarise such a remarkable character as Ronik in just a few words. Although diligent, industrious, jovial, and honest don’t even come close to describing his true character, they are a good start. He was an extremely happy lad, very helpful with a fun sense of humour, who lived a life of integrity, reflected both at work and home. Ronik’s incredible eye for design mirrored his personality. His favourite piece of architecture, the ‘hufhaus’, reflected his free spirit, openness, and ability to be real wherever he was. Ronik (right) was one of those few enlightened individuals who chose to keep his spiritual eye awake, being devoted to God.

However, there was also a mischievous side to him, as shown at work when competing for the best-decorated desk one Christmas. He took the opportunity to visit the local pub, not for inspiration but to ‘borrow’ ivy from the beer garden for a ‘Holly and the ivy’ theme. Much to his disappointment his efforts were judged as ‘minimalist’, despite the reconnaissance mission involved.

At a recent meal Ronik was full of good humour, deflecting sarcastic comments in a wonderfully charming manner with equally witty rebuffs. We do and continue to miss his unique personality and the fact he was always smiling. His cheerfulness and passion for learning were always an inspiration and we are certain he would have made an excellent actuary. Just like a mirror that’s cracked cannot be repaired, the world will never truly be the same without him.