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Revised calculator policy for September exams

Using an incorrect calculator will result in a zero mark from the September 2011 exams. With effect from the exams in September, any student not using one of the approved calculators will receive a zero mark for their exam script.

The invigilators will make an announcement at the start of each exam about calculators and, at this time, candidates will be given the opportunity to hand in any non-approved calculators. The list of calculators approved for use in the September 2011 exams onwards, and for the practical exams from 1 October 2011, has been revised by the Education Committee.

The HP calculators have been removed from the approved list. The following list of calculators shows those acceptable for use in the exams:

>> Casio FX82 (with or without any suffix)

>> Casio FX83 (with or without any suffix)

>> Casio FX85 (with or without any suffix)

>> Sharp EL531 (with or without any suffix)

>> Texas Instruments BA II Plus (with or without any suffix)

>> Texas Instruments TI-30 (with or without any suffix)

Approved calculators can be bought from the Actuarial Profession’s eShop at http://tinyurl.com/5shytwu