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Publishing the International Series on Actuarial Science

Older actuaries may remember the textbooks they studied on the way through the exams: Donald, Neill, Benjamin & Pollard, Fisher & Young... those were the days!

Actuarial education has moved on, and the Profession has ceased to publish its own books but that does not mean the role of books in actuarial science has diminished. Students need to supplement their reading; practising actuaries need to refresh, update and expand their skills; some actuaries move from one field to another; and the subjects themselves advance through research both in actuarial science and in many related fields. Universities around the world rely heavily on a supply of good textbooks.

In 2002, a small committee led by Paul Grace drew up plans to launch a new series of books under the Profession’s auspices ensure these needs continue to be met. After a competitive process, Cambridge University Press (CUP) was chosen as the publisher and the International Series on Actuarial Science (ISAS) was born. ISAS features both textbooks and more advanced works suitable for continuing professional development or for describing and synthesizing research and aims to show how actuarial science can be used in all areas where there is long-term financial risk.

Seven years is not long in the field of scholarly or technical publishing. Sometimes an author with a good manuscript will come looking for a publisher, but often authors are found, persuaded, commissioned, chased, cajoled and gently prodded before a manuscript is delivered. ISAS is now bearing fruit, with six titles either published or imminent and more in preparation. Much of the credit belongs to CUP mathematics editor David Tranah and his colleagues.

The catalogue is truly international. The first authors are from Australia, Canada, Denmark, Singapore, the UK and the USA. The breadth of coverage is also as we had hoped, with textbooks on risk theory, life and general insurance mathematics, regression models and research monographs on generalised linear models and market-consistent valuation methods. The full list is available at www.cambridge.org/actuaries

On its website, CUP is offering the chance to buy all the current books in the series at a special discount that lasts until the end of October 2009 and there are contact details for those who would like to submit a book proposal for the series.

As series editors, we are keen to find authors with good ideas to whom ISAS can offer one of the world’s most respected publishers, a truly international readership and the full support of the Profession. Please get in touch if you are interested in this opportunity.