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Profession to conduct research on funding for long-term care

The Profession is undertaking a thought leadership research project on funding for long-term care. Applications are invited for the first phase. For further information, please visit http://tinyurl.com/6x4ghul or contact ruth.loseby@actuaries.org.uk. The closing date is 8 July.

Many of the financial drivers for the successful delivery of care in the future are related to the core actuarial skills in managing long-term risks and the Profession wishes to be in position to play its part in the public interest by working with other bodies and disciplines to develop those long-term solutions. To that end, the Profession has identified two initial work streams it wishes to pursue:

Phase 1: an in-depth review of the international literature in the area of long-term care and the various means of funding it and then producing an analysis of any gaps in topics relating to long-term care in the published or publicly available material. This will be presented at an event to discuss the findings and gain wider input.

Phase 2: once phase 1 is completed, the Profession will review the data available with the possibility of developing new data capturing analyses.

This may lead to a separate call for research later in 2011.