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Priorities for research

A recent survey of members indicated that, after risk management, mortality and longevity are considered the priorities for the Profession’s centrally driven research. Recurring themes in the responses included:

>> Identifying the drivers of mortality
>> The impact of various medical conditions
>> The importance of reliable data
>> Global impacts of ageing — looking to 2050 and beyond n Working towards a ‘cause-based’ model
>> Correlations between mortality trends and long-term care needs
>> Morbidity incidence rates and trends
>> Value of working with other disciplines.

It is timely that the Mortality Research Steering Group has organised a multidisciplinary conference which takes place at the Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh, on 21-22 October. The conference will allow actuaries to engage with researchers working at the forefront of other disciplines and examine the drivers of change in mortality and morbidity as well as identify future areas of work.

The Steering Group hopes that the outcome of this shared work will be to improve actuaries’ abilities to meet the needs of clients, including policymakers, planners, medical researchers, pension providers and insurers. For those unable to attend the conference, please look out for a report in a later issue of The Actuary and the papers which will be published in the British Actuarial Journal early in the new year.

For more information visit www.actuaries.org.uk/events/mortality2009 or e-mail claire.marsh@actuaries.org.uk