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No increase in subscriptions and practising certificate fees

Following agreement by Council, there will be no increase in subscription rates or practising certificate fees for 2011. In effect this means an overall reduction in fees when the RPI increase normally added is taken into account.

All subscription fees will therefore remain the same as set out below:

Subscription fees for 1 October 2011
Fellows (full regulation): £690
Fellows (partial regulation): £342
Associate (full regulation): £456
Associate (partial regulation): £228
Student (UK/EU): £282
Student (overseas): £192
Affiliate: £69
Reduced subscription (all categories): £69

Practising certificate fees
Fees for all practising certificates will remain at £860.

Subscription policy and membership operation
Members and students should consult the members’ section of the Profession’s website regarding policy and operational procedures. Important information — such as how to apply for partial regulation, reduced subscription, surcharges and much more — can also be found on the Profession’s website at www.actuaries.org.uk

Remittance advice information will be sent to members during August and it is the member’s responsibility to ensure that the correct subscription is paid. If you previously paid a partial or reduced rate you must ensure that you are still eligible to renew at that rate. Receipts for all payments can be downloaded from the members’ section of the website.

Any enquiries regarding membership matters should be sent to the
Membership and Certificates Team, The Actuarial Profession, Maclaurin House, 18 Dublin Street, Edinburgh EH1 3PP, or you can telephone +44 (0)131 240 1325, or alternatively email membership@actuaries.org.uk