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Move over su doku!

Simple mathematical calculations and saying answers out loud efficiently activates the human brain, particularly the prefrontal cortex which governs the most essential living functions for humans, such as cognition, emotion, and memory, and enables the maintenance and improvement of brain functions’, according to Dr Ryuta Kawashima.

The sales pitch for the latest fiendish Japanese import – the Brain Trainer (www.braintraineruk.com) – continues: ‘Physical brain size bears no correlation to intellectual capability – it’s what you do with your brain that counts, not how big it is. (It’s a fact that Einstein’s brain was actually smaller than average, size-wise!) We can’t all be superbrains like Einstein, but we can at least do something positive to make the best use of the brainpower we do have.’

We look forward to an anonymous product review from the first actuary to splash out the requisite £29.99 on a Brain Trainer!