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Manual of Actuarial Practice (MAP) updates

From 1 April 2004, those members and students who currently receive hard copies of MAP updates (letter from the editor, contents pages, and new/amended guidance notes), will no longer be sent such hard copies, unless they positively choose to receive them. Members are encouraged to access MAP through the profession’s website and this offers many benefits in that:

  • you need only download guidance notes relevant to your area of practice;
  • you will be guaranteed access to the most up-to-date version of MAP;
  • there will be a reduction in the amount of paper that you receive.

If you wish to continue receiving MAP updates in hard copy, you should either write to or email the MAP editor or alter your despatch preferences in the members-only part of the profession’s website.Members are also being given the option of receiving emails to notify them that there has been a MAP update issued. Should you wish to receive such e-notifications, then please amend your despatch preferences in the members-only part of the website.

Should you have any questions, please contact Sarah Gander, MAP editor, at Maclaurin House, tel 0131-240 1320, email sarahg@actuaries.org.uk.