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KPMG actuary takes to the water for Channel relay

Zoe (below left), Joanne Postins, Kate Robarts, Philip Sears and Ellery McGowan will swim the 21 miles from Dover to France, collect a souvenir from the shore – such as a pebble – then swim back to the pilot’s boat, which will accompany them.

Each member of the team will swim for exactly one hour with no assistance. When each hour is up, the next person jumps in the water, overtakes the swimmer already in the water and starts swimming. The swimmer already in the water then has to climb out immediately.

The team, ‘Over from Dover’, are booked on the neap tide from 7-12 August. If you would like to sponsor them, please visit http://www.justgiving.com/Zoe-Sadler0.

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