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Journal of Risk Management in Financial Institutions

The Profession’s libraries have taken out a subscription to Journal of Risk Management in Financial Institutions. The journal is aimed at those directly involved in, or concerned with, the management of risk in the financial sector in five inter-related areas:

• Strategic and business risk: risks to the way the institution is managed

• Financial risk: covering both traditional and more exotic credit, market and liquidity risks and exposures

• Operational risk: management of 
day-to-day business processes as well as large unexpected internal and external events

• Regulatory risks: regulatory developments and their impact on institutions

• Systemic risk: risks of a systemic crisis to the financial system as a whole.

Every quarter, Journal of Risk Management in Financial Institutions publishes a wide range of peer-reviewed practice papers, research articles and professional briefings written by leading practitioners and academic experts, including:

• Practice papers: addressing the issues facing practitioners in industry and consultancy

• Case studies: focusing on the challenges and problems faced by risk professionals

•Applied research papers: from leading institutions on areas of interest to practitioners, and the implications for practice

• Models and theories: practical models and theories which are being used in risk management

• Legal and regulatory updates: providing guidance on the major legal and regulatory issues

• Book reviews: critiquing major new books in the area

• Software reviews: user guides, tools and techniques for risk managers

For more information about the journal, see www.henrystewart.com/jrmfi.aspx.

The libraries will be receiving volume five onwards in print and will offer access to all back issues through Athens. Contact libraries@actuaries.org.uk for an account.