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Internal Relations Committee – membership survey

The Internal Relations Committee conducted a survey of the membership in 2004 on the challenges which face the profession and their preferred method of communication.

We asked ‘What were the three greatest issues or challenges the profession faces at this time?’ This was an electronic survey. We were very pleased at the response from over more than 1,330 members, so the question obviously had some impact. The committee undertook to report on the findings. We are conducting some further research at the Younger Members’ Convention at the end of November so there will be more to tell.

The results show that the overwhelming majority of those who replied felt that the challenges to the profession were credibility/image/reputation/Equitable Life impacts.

Members clearly view our image to the outside world as of paramount importance and the message is that we need to have this high on our agenda in our corporate objectives. We will be reporting more fully in a future issue, so watch this space!

The overwhelming response on communication was you would like us to talk to you via email!

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