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The Actuary The magazine of the Institute & Faculty of Actuaries

Institute welcomes new fellows

Institute president Nick Dumbreck congratulated 207 new fellows of the Institute at a series of ceremonies at Staple Inn in May.

He told the new fellows and their guests: “Completing the profession’s arduous examinations is a major intellectual achievement representing years of dedication and hard work. You have now completed one of the most difficult sets of exams anywhere in the world — and you are entitled to be proud of it.

“Our members are busy responding to the changes taking place in the insurance industry and the pensions industry, our traditional areas of employment, and we are increasingly moving into new areas of work. Actuaries work in the fields of investment and the use of derivatives; in healthcare; in the evaluation and financing of capital projects; in banking and other financial institutions as the boundaries between insurance and these institutions overlap; and in an increasingly diverse range of other activities where our core tools of financial modelling and risk management are increasingly valued.”

Friday 2 May
Sami Abdel-Gadir, David Arthur, Nicki Ashbee, Richard Barke, Marion Bown, Tom Bratcher, Colin Brown, Abigail Caldwell, Ben Canagaretna, David Century, Nicholas Chadwick, Dianne Chua, Graham Cornish, Conor Crowley, Jonathan Daykin, Kimberley Dixon, Helena Dumycz, Madiha Hasan, Tom Heduan, Ferry Jacob, Abigail Jeffs, Victoria Jenkins, Krishan Kumar, Raakhee Lalwani, Lisa Lawson, Andrew McGuinness, Tracey McManus, Matt Mandelbaum, Ricky Marsh, Amanda Marie Mellor, Richard Mills, Grainne Newman, Jane Parker, Colin Parnell, David Passey, Vasumati Patel, Julia Rule, Sunil Sharma (Mutual Recognition), Garry Swann, Chin Szu Tan, Sarah Teehan, Nathan Thomas, Lakshmi Vishnampet (Mutual Recognition)

Thursday 29 May
Laura Abreu, Benjamin Ackroyd, Cassandra Archer, Jennifer Barker, Peter Byrne, Oliver Davies, Johan De La Rey, Clare Edler, Vered Gattenio, Mark Godson, Kelly Goodger, Stuart Hailwood, Lee Harris, Louisa Harrold, Ashish Hathi, Christopher Hawley, Paul Hewett, Kathryn Hudson, Thomas Kenny, Isabel Kernthaler, Robin Kilford, James Knight, James Leeming, Julian Leigh, Jenny McDonnell, Milan Makhecha, James Mason, Nirav Morjaria, Jason Noronha, Nnamdi Odozi, Oliver Payne, Stephen Pearce, Nicola Potter, Jay Rajendra, Trudie Rea, Lee Roberts, Gary Ruffell, Eoin Seager, Paras Shah, Michael Sharpe, James Southall, Andrew Stone, Richard Stubley, Briony Tepper, Richard Tozer, David Tudor-Griffith, Gerhardus van Wyngaardt, Richard Watts, Matthew Wilde, James Williams

Friday 30 May, 11am
Laura Amerasekera, Matthew Argent, William Barnes, Ian Blomfield, Susan Brian, Michelle Burgess, Amy Chau, Edward Choularton, John Clements, Malcolm Cleugh, Niamh Crowley, Christopher Darby, Claire Davidson, Leanne Davies, Carl Dolby, Daniel Draper, Marian Elliott, Catherine Farnworth, Anja Fick, Amit Ghosh, Christopher Gore, Andrew Grime, Mark Guiler, Charlotte Halkett, Catherine Hildebrand, Karen Holness, Nicola Hooper-Greenhill, David Hunt, Emma Jackson, Matthew Johnson, Alastair Lauder, James Lewis, Melanie Mason, Sophia Mealy, Gemma Mills, Nigel Modlinsky, Rajeev Mukker, Ann Nestor, Lucy Newton, Brian O’Malley, Nicola Parkinson, Charlotte Penman, Jonathan Penman, Sarah Pickering, Emma Pointon, Tyron Potts, Elizabeth Rea, Benjamin Roe, Asmi Shah, Gauri Shah, Mark Smith, Jeremy Straker, Clare Sykes, Frazer Thomson, Kate Tobin, Elliot Varnell, Tristan Walker-Buckton, Anthony Wallis, Claire Wilton

Friday 30 May, 3pm
Dominic Badham, Stuart Bradbury, Helen Cahill, Lee Cannan, Conor Cassidy, Parvez Chowdhury, Jeremy Clack, Nic Coleclough, Andrew D’Arcy, Kamshika De Silva, Adam Dewdney, Nadia Donnelly, Michael Edwards, Philip Edwards, Ke Feng Ke, Catherine Gavin, Adam Gillespie, Paul Grimsey, Andrew Harriman, Owen Hewlett, David Hughes, Richard Hughes, Dan Knipe, Kelvin Kwok, Nicholas Lax, Rowena Lightfoot, Richard Li Ting Chung, Herbie Lloyd, James McCoy, Jennifer McCusker, James Maggs, Reinhardt Messerschmidt, Anthony Morgan, Danielle Morgan, Samuel Mullock, Hui Ng, Patrick O’Sullivan, Karan Panwar, Katy Parkin, Matthew Phillips, Johannes Rothman, Mark Rowlinson, Sima Ruparelia, Matthew Smith, Shiuan Soo, Steven Sowden, Ruth Stephens, Gareth Stokes, Adam Todd, Peter Tranter, Hsiao Tung, Nicholas Vine, Abigail Wallace, Dorian Whitehead, Katie Williams