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How easy is it for an engineer to switch to an actuarial career?

I am a degree-qualified electronic engineer having graduated in 1994. I have worked in numerous engineering roles and industry types since qualifying. I am 35 years old.
At the moment I am contemplating a total career change and for years an actuarial career has always interested me. I have a very strong background in maths both from secondary and tertiary education.
1) Taking into account my present career and age - would it be considered advisable to pursue this?
2) Will the completing a post-grad in actuarial science allow me the stepping stone to become a trainee actuary?
3) There is the option of completing a post-grad over 1 year full time, or via distance learning. Both are accredited and if you perform well can gain exemption from CT exams. Is the distance learning viewed as the poor relation to the full time option?
4) There is also the option of applying to the Faculty and start working through the CT exams. This means I would not have to give up present work. After passing 2 exams - am I then in a position to start applying for Trainee Actuary positions?