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Geneva Association appoints actuarial science specialist

Professor Ostaszweski will be an independent, part-time collaborator and will have responsibility for defining and implementing the association's life and pensions research strategy.

He will manage The Geneva Association's networks in life insurance and pensions, overseeing conferences and other events for the programme and providing intellectual and conceptual leadership for the association's activities.

The professor will also edit the Four Pillars newsletter on life and pensions and issue specialist papers and monographs relevant to the programme.

Professor Ostaszewski has also been a consultant in actuarial science since 1986 and the mathematical aspects of finance and economics, has acted as an expert witness in actuarial science. During his tenure he has led training workshops for the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.

The Geneva Association said the appointment would "intensify" its collaboration with academic and professional communities on the issues currently impacting insurers and the wider community.

Professor Ostaszewski said he was "delighted" to be taking on the role: "Insurance, our economies and society as a whole are facing considerable challenges relating to ageing populations and the costs related to sustaining them. The Life and Pensions Research Programme provides an excellent opportunity to play a leading role in the development of solutions to these issues for our industry and the wider world," he added.