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Forthcoming events: save the dates

Professionalism: should you speak up or whistle-blow? How do you decide?
9 February 2011, Staple Inn Hall, London 16.00 (registration) for 16.30-19.00 The mis-selling of financial products and the continuing aftermath of the financial crisis — all these disasters illustrate why speaking up and whistle-blowing are fundamental duties of all professions who serve the public interest.
Knowing when to speak up or whistle-blow is particularly important to the Actuarial Profession as the public and our clients increasingly learn more about our duty under the compliance principle of the Actuaries’ Code.

Tony Hewitt, member of the Professional Regulation Executive Committee’s whistle-blowing group and its professionalism awareness committee, will demonstrate real-life case studies designed to help you make your own decision on how to handle professional disasters and near misses.

A drinks reception will follow. For further information visit http://tinyurl.com/6bbawo2


Implications of the TASs for insurance actuaries
9 March 2011, Hilton Paddington, London 20 April 2011, Hilton Caledonian, Edinburgh 15.00 (registration) for 15.30-19.00 The Board for Actuarial Standards (BAS) will be completing the publication of its suite of technical actuarial standards (TASs) early in 2011. With the insurance TAS coming in to force on 1 October 2011 much of the work performed by actuaries working in insurance will be covered by standards relating to the data and models used and the reporting of the results of the work to clients, boards and management.

These seminars will offer delegates the opportunity to learn about the implications of the TASs for them and their work. We have put together a panel of speakers including representatives from BAS and practitioners who have already considered and started implementing the changes required and who will share their experiences. A drinks reception will follow. All members working in the fields of life and health insurance will find these seminars informative. Please note all delegates will be expected to have some knowledge of the TASs.

For further information visit:
London: http://tinyurl.com/6jk3f3u
Edinburgh: http://tinyurl.com/6chf455


Save the dates

Mortality and longevity seminar,

22 March 2011,

Current issues in general insurance (CIGI),
12 May 2011,
Royal College of Physicians,

General insurance pricing seminar,
21 June 2011,

The future economic, health and social care costs of dementia open forum, joint event with the ILC-UK, RCPE,
9 February
16.00 registration for 16.30-18.30 start, followed by a drinks reception.

Worshipful Company of Actuaries annual lecture: The World needs Actuaries,
10 February,
Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh
Beginning at 17.30, this year’s lecture will be given by Ronnie Bowie.

Sessional Research meeting: Entity-wide risk management for pension funds,
21 February, RCPE, Edinburgh Paper by Malcolm Kemp and Chinu Patel.

The latest issues surrounding catastrophe modelling,
29 March 2011,
Staple Inn,
Catastrophe modelling has developed rapidly over the last 20 years, both academically and within the insurance sector. However, the challenges facing the industry are also significant including:
>> The effects of climate change
>> A greater awareness of interdependency of risks
>> New exposures in emerging markets
>> The use of catastrophe models in Solvency II.
This conference will cover the latest issues surrounding catastrophe modelling from the latest academic research to the practicalities of everyday modelling.

Investment strategy for pensions actuaries,
5 April 2011,
The seminar will cover the following points:
>> The economic impact of sovereign debt
>> Equities: is it the age for active managers?
>> Bond outlook: interesting times?
>> How fee structures affect manager risk taking
>> Commodities: their strategic place in a pension scheme portfolio
>> Private equity: latest from the private side.
This seminar will be of particular interest to any actuary involved in advising final salary pension schemes. The emphasis of the seminar will be on current developments in asset management.

For further information visit: http://tinyurl.com/6l9ebgj

Current issues in general insurance (CIGI),
12 May 2011,
Royal College of Physicians,

Emerging trends in mortality and longevity 2011 symposium,
13-14 September 2011,
Warwick conferences,
This conference will aim to build on the success of the Joining Forces on mortality and longevity conference held in Edinburgh in October 2009 by encouraging collaboration between disciplines in the actuarial, medical, social science and demographic fields. By hosting the conference adjacent to the Society of Social Medicine’s Annual Scientific Meeting in 2011 we hope to attract further participation from the medical, epidemiology and demography academic communities as well as the Actuarial Profession’s core membership.