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Finance & Investment Board news

Finance & Investment Conference 2004

Last chance to book a place for Brussels on 27–29 June! If you haven’t booked yet, please contact Linda Pritchard (email lindap@actuaries.org.uk, tel 020-7632 2147). We have an interesting variety of speakers signed up, including:

  • David Miles, professor of finance at Imperial College, University of London;
  • Frances Edmonds, who will speak on communication.

Among the issues to be looked at will be the demand for annuities. We will also feature, for the first time, a ‘Hot Topics’ session where we can debate the topical issues in the world of finance and investment. It will be your opportunity to put forward your views and listen to the ideas of your peers, as well as influence the profession’s research programme for next year. If you want to see the full schedule for the conference, you can find details online at www.actuaries.org.uk/files/pdf /cpd/fininv2004.pdf.

Seminar on asset/liability advice

Shane Whelan of University College Dublin and Andrew Barrie of Barrie & Hibbert will be presenting their views on the subject of ‘Actuaries giving asset/liability advice to pension schemes’ at Staple Inn on Tuesday 27 July. The seminar will be run in conjunction with UKSIP and INQUIRE. For more details, please contact Pat Rustem (tel 020-7632 2187, email patr@actuaries.org.uk). A flyer and booking form will be available on the profession’s website in due course.

Incoming chairman for FIB

I have enjoyed chairing the board for the past two years, but am delighted to announce my successor. Gordon Bagot will be taking over as chairman for the next session. Gordon is currently deputy chairman of the Finance & Investment Board (FIB) and well known to many of you. I wish him well in his new role and am sure he’ll make an excellent job