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Fictitious embedded values!

From the Western Morning News of 15 March 2003 we learn: ‘The world of actuaries – those rather lofty establishment figures in the world of insurance who grapple with tricky statistics – may not strike as the most exciting characters around which to revolve your first novel.

‘But as a semi-retired actuary himself, self-published author Dex Cameron – who lives in Cornwall’s Glyn Valley – knows all there is to know about the game. “There are only a few thousand actuaries in the country, well known in the business world, and they do have a tendency to be regarded as a bit arrogant and a bit dry. I probably was a bit more boring once, but I have done most of the things I could have done in my career,” says Dex, who moved to Cornwall from Wiltshire five years ago with his wife and three sons – “quite an uprooting”.

‘And as he says, there is more to a man than the job he does. His novel Embedded Values – an insurance company term – has its finger very much on the pulse of life. It sets out to explore the world of four fifty-something men who, as old school chums, bump into each other at a function 30 years or so later and compare notes.

‘The novel follows Dex’s autobiographical opener, Where Are You To?, which he self-published after encountering a fistful of rejections.‘