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FERMA adds two new members

This brings the total number of countries with risk managers represented in FERMA to 19.

Commenting on its membership to FERMA, MARM president John Schembri, said: "Malta is possibly the smallest European state with an effervescent economy. Risk management is an emerging area of management and the market signs are that it is now ripe for more focus and attention. The association intends to reach out to all sectors of the risk management market in the Maltese Island. MARM shall be a very proud member of Ferma and all of us will endeavour to promote risk management in the best light possible within a growing market."

SI.RISK president Maja Sustersic, said: "We believe that the membership in FERMA is an important step for the development of both risk and insurance management in Slovenian companies. The membership of SI.RISK in FERMA will give us the opportunity to express our professional position on relevant issues, to participate in surveys and benchmarks organised by FERMA and to co-operation with our colleagues in other countries."

Welcoming the new members, FERMA president Peter den Dekker, said: "Their enthusiasm shops the recognition of FERMA as the voice for the European risk manager demonstrates the growing development and professionalism of risk management across Europe."