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The Actuary The magazine of the Institute & Faculty of Actuaries

Faculty of Actuaries – Council 2007/2008

At the Faculty OGM on 25 July 2007 John Dickson, Kenny Tindall, Alan Watson, and Gordon Wood were elected to Faculty Council.

The full list of Council is:

  • President J Stewart R Ritchie
  • Vice-presidents John F Hylands, Richard Muckart, Janina Slawski, Ronnie S Bowie (junior vice-president)
  • Past president Harvie W Brown
  • Honorary secretary David JP Hare
  • Honorary treasurer Peter K Joshi
  • Honorary librarian Howard R Waters
  • Honorary publicity officer Brian J Murray
  • Honorary editor Catherine M Stewart Roper
  • Ordinary members Ross R Ainslie,Colin Ledlie, Alastair J Clarkson, Alan J Rae, John Dickson, Alan M Rubenstein, Adrian M Eastwood, A Gordon Sharp, Huw M Evans, Kenneth J Tindall, Margaret Flaherty, Alan H Watson, Alan R Goodman, Brian D Wood, Fiona A Kirkland, Gordon C Wood