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Editorial: All change

In keeping with the need to keep stakeholders informed, I was recently invited to a SIAS committee meeting to share information about developments regarding the magazine with the owners of the enterprise.

The dinner that concluded this pleasant evening resulted in a discussion about coincidences. All those present were able to recall a number of situations where we had encountered other actuaries or colleagues in places we never thought we would. Among my examples were: running into an ex-colleague at a tourist attraction in Chicago, meeting a fellow actuary in a cookery class of eight in a remote Oxfordshire location and coming across former editor Margaret de Valois’ neighbour in the Cayman Islands. More recently in South Africa, a gentleman who accidentally dropped his jacket on me while extracting it from the overhead cabinet after a flight on a Wednesday evening turned out to be my Friday morning meeting. Coincidence or simply a function of incomes and shared interests, either way it certainly feels like a small world indeed!

We have revamped our website www.TheActuary.com and we are seeking feedback. With the comments we receive, the more we can incorporate readers’ design input.

Our interview for the month is with Michael Sippitt, managing partner of Clarkslegal and chairman of Forbury Environmental, who has aired his views previously on our Soapbox page. Michael headlines our lead environmental theme alongside an article from Anthony Day. Helen Crofts launches a forum for women in the actuarial profession and, showcasing the array of skills actuaries possess, Kenneth Donaldson gives new meaning to the phrase ‘wider fields actuaries’, drawing parallels between wildlife conservation and business skills following his sabbatical in Southern Africa.

This edition is Tom Bratcher’s last as puzzles editor and Danny McMillan will be our new co-ordinator of the cryptic. Thank you, Tom, for your contribution to the team. Puzzle contributions from readers are always welcomed — please write in to Danny at puzzles@the-actuary.org.uk

Marjorie Ngwenya