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Editor's Comment: Call to action

I am often asked by student actuaries how they can get more involved 
in Profession activities and how to gain the support from their employers. I am a believer that most employers are supportive of activities that improve the morale of their staff but do not detract from their business aims. A number of volunteering activities need not consume office hours and the feeling of being able to make a difference motivates the extra curricular effort.

Certainly, those are my sentiments and, having read around the subject, the benefits of volunteering are not solely altruistic. Others give up their time to make an economic impact, to network, 
to develop personally and to enhance employability. 

Naturally, there are a host of areas where your time could be of great value, and Kenneth Donaldson illustrated that so well in his stories of African pachyderms in The Actuary’s September edition.

If, however, you feel that your calling is within the actuarial profession or you wish to find out more, then visit the list of volunteer vacancies www.actuaries.org.uk/members/pages/volunteer-vacancies

The Actuary’s editorial team seeks new volunteers from time to time and currently we are looking for a self-motivated individual to take on the role of people/society news editor from Kelvin Chamunorwa, who plans to step down presently. For more information, please contact Kelvin on 

Elsewhere, I am pleased to introduce Sarah Bennett to the features team. Sarah will focus on health- and international-related features.

In our penultimate edition of the year, we share articles on Solvency II, pensions and actuaries in 
wider fields. With the Solvency II effective date continuing to be under threat of delay until 2014, 
the issues surrounding practical implementation are 
set to be discussed for some time to come.

Marjorie Ngwenya