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Cowboys and actuaries

We are indebted to the Career Journal website, run by the Wall Street Journal, for publishing in June a table of the jobs ranked as best and worst in America, as follows:

Best Accountant, Actuary, Bank officer, Biologist, Computer-systems analyst, Financial planner, Parole officer, Software engineer, Statistician, Website manager

Worst Construction worker (labourer), Cowboy, Dancer, Fisherman, Garbage collector, Ironworker, Lumberjack, Roofer, Seaman, Welder

As the website (www.careerjournal.com) put it, ‘Many children dream of one day being a cowboy or a cowgirl. Few, if any, want to be an actuary. Little do they know’. Maybe this is true for the US where the cowboy is an icon of freedom.

We could not help wondering, however, after all the scrutiny devoted in the UK to the actuarial career and profession, whether we still count as among the ten best career avenues in the UK context. What do our readers think?