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Continuous Mortality Investigation (CMI) news

New ‘00’ Series mortality tables

The CMI is pleased to announce the publication of Working Paper 16, ‘The graduation of the CMI 1999–2002 mortality experience: proposed annuitant and pensioner graduations’.

This working paper has been produced by the Mortality Graduation Working Party and contains proposed annuitant and pensioner tables for the forthcoming ‘00’ Series of mortality tables. Tables have been constructed for male and female immediate annuitants, life office pensioners, retirement annuitants, and, for the first time, personal pensioners. Widows tables have also been produced.

The tables in Working Paper 16 are proposals, and have not been officially adopted by the profession. Feedback is very much welcomed and was requested by the end of October (contact details can be found within the working paper).

Working Paper 16 can be found on the CMI section of the profession’s website at www.actuaries.org.uk/Display_Page.cgi?url=/cmi/cmi_workingpapers.html. The latest news on the proposed new tables and on the work on projection methodologies can also be found on the website.

Working Paper 17 issued

The report on the preliminary results of an analysis into the mortality experience of pensioners of self-administered pension schemes (see above) is available at www.actuaries.org.uk/files/pdf/cmi/wp17/wp17.pdf.