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Choosing Population Projections for Public Policy

A conference organised in collaboration between the Profession and the ILC-UK will take place on Wednesday 29 October 2008 at Staple Inn Hall in London

The conference will ask four questions about mortality knowledge:

1 What do we know about mortality developments given recent uncertainties underlying projections?
2 How should we make sense of different viewpoints about future mortality?
3 What are the implications of different mortality projections – including their uncertainties – for policy?
4 How should government govern, sponsor and use mortality knowledge in policymaking in the public, financial and voluntary sectors?

To find out the answers to these questions, put this date in your diary. More information about the programme and how to register will be available soon. High-profile speakers include Mike O’Brien MP, the minister of state for pensions reform, and Richard Willets, longevity director at Paternoster and member of the Profession’s Continuous Mortaility Investigation Committee.

For more details, please contact hannah.bolton@actuaries.org.uk