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Changing lifestyle

The past few years have seen my business interests change from life company profitability to population ageing, with a subsidiary self-interest in the long-term survival of pension funds, or at least a couple of them! Similarly, my professional interests have moved from product design to longevity, and I expect to take over chairmanship of the Continuous Mortality Investigation Bureau from Peter Nowell in July.

I have been able to spend a little more time on other interests. Having been a long-term supporter of Christian Aid, I was able to take a tour of Ghana, to meet Christian Aid’s partners and some of the people they work with. I was thoroughly impressed by the community projects run by the Ghanaian partners, and how they help people to make radical and lasting changes to their lives. It was clear how unfair trade such as the import of subsidised crops from Europe and the United States is keeping people poor. Domestic production is just not economical when products arrive from abroad at lower prices than the home crop.

I was also able to fit in a productive visit to the Actuarial Society of Ghana.

My leisure interests are also expanding, and my son and I have decided to try the London Triathlon this summer, in aid of Christian Aid. I shall need lots of encouragement for the swim round the Royal Victoria Dock, and the long plod around London’s Docklands, and I’d be delighted to receive any sponsorship. If you’d like to support me, please visit my fund-raising website at www.justgiving.com/brianridsdale or contact me at br@ridsdales.com.

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