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Call for comment on conflicts of interest paper

In September 2011, the Actuarial Profession published its consultation paper on conflicts of interest. The paper can be found on the Regulation page under 
‘Hot topics’ on the Profession’s website.

The consultation paper sets out a package of specific proposals designed to address the call for further guidance and, at the same time, to respond — albeit proportionately — to specific concerns regarding conflicts of interest arising in the context of the work of pension scheme actuaries. The Profession’s aim is to develop proposals that are fundamentally principles-based and that, in accordance with the better regulation principles, are clear, proportionate and properly targeted at addressing the issues and concerns that have been raised.

Given the importance of this issue to the Profession, it is encouraging members and interested stakeholders to attend one or other of the following two consultation meetings to comment on these proposals:

• The first will be held on 24 October at Staple Inn, London, WC1V 7QJ. 
16.30 (refreshments) for 17.00

• The second will be held on 31 October at MacLaurin House, 18 Dublin Street, Edinburgh EH1 3PP. 16.30 (refreshments) for 17.00.

Members are entitled to claim up to one hour of CPD for their participation in the meeting. Please remember to sign the attendance sheet in order to verify your attendance and to record it in your online CPD record.

In order for the Profession to gauge participant numbers, please email 
karen.cross@actuaries.org.uk if you are planning to attend either or both of 
these meetings.