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>> Catherine (Aon Consulting) and Richard Steeples (Buck Consultants) are pleased to announce the birth of their son, Daniel Matthew Reid on 2 January 2010.

>> Leonard Graham Hall died on 20 January 2010, aged 92. He became a fellow of the Institute in 1949.
>> Alan Reginald Bland died in January 2010 at the age of 77. He became a fellow of the Institute in 1961.
>> Richard Godfrey Street died recently, aged 71. He became a fellow of the Institute in 1963.
>> Colin John Cornwall passed away on 15 October 2009 at the age of 82. He became a fellow of the Institute in 1955.


Obituary — Doreen Hart (née McDermott) (1937-2009)
British Actuarial Journal

Doreen Hart’s sudden death on 8 December 2009 was a shock to all those who knew her. Her death leaves a vacuum not only with her immediate family, but also with her church and the actuarial profession, all of whom have benefited from her close involvement over the years.

Born in February 1937, Doreen spent the early part of her life in Surbiton. She later attended Tiffin Girls’ grammar school in Kingston followed by Imperial College where she graduated with a degree in statistical mathematics. Her degree gained her entry as a student to the Institute of Actuaries and she qualified as a fellow in 1967, being the only woman among 59 new fellows at that time. She was the sixteenth woman to become a fellow but, more significantly, the first married woman to do so. Doreen had married her schoolmaster husband Denis in the summer of 1966.

Like many quiet, self-effacing people, there was a side to Doreen that only those close to her knew. Family came first for Doreen despite being an early role model for today’s working mothers. Whatever Doreen did, she did it well and as her family grew up and went to school she found interests to fill any gaps in her day. She moved to Richmond in Yorkshire, where she soon became involved in the local community through the Methodist Church, the Guides and in her role as a school governor.

The community benefited not only from her commitment to their endeavours but also from her financial acumen, with Doreen often taking on the role of treasurer. As the minister said in his eulogy at her funeral service: “Many of you who are present at this service are a tribute to Doreen and her involvement with the church and the local community.” Doreen had a very strong faith and became an accredited local preacher in 1991.

If her service to the community was not enough, for over 30 years she has been involved with editing the journals of the actuarial profession. During this time she also served on many different committees of the profession. Doreen was appointed as an assistant editor of the Journal of the Institute of Actuaries in 1975 and became editor in 1988. When the British Actuarial Journal replaced it and the Faculty’s equivalent journal in 1995, she was appointed editor of the new publication, a position she held until her death. She was a tremendously gifted lady with a brilliant mind, a superb planner and organiser who used her skills well. Her attention to detail and her ability to instil this in the deputy editors will be her legacy to the profession.

Doreen loved to travel and in recent times had visited relatives in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and travelled to Jordan, Kenya, Iceland and numerous other European countries. One of her greatest experiences was when she travelled to Alabama in the United States at the time of the civil rights movement and met Dr. Martin Luther King.

This final quote from the minister’s eulogy says it all about Doreen: “Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some people move our souls to dance. They awaken us to a new understanding with the passing whisper of their wisdom and make the sky more beautiful to gaze upon. Some people stay in our lives a while, leave footprints on our hearts and we are never, ever the same.”

Doreen is survived by her children Charlie and Helen and seven grandchildren. Denis passed away shortly after his retirement in 1996.
By Richard Muckart


Work experience sought
The Actuary has received a request from a budding actuary seeking work experience. The request comes from a 17-year-old who is looking for a minimum two-week placement with an actuarial firm in summer 2010.

Our intrepid student is Derbyshire-based but is prepared to travel and stay anywhere in the UK. If you are able to help, in the first instance please contact managing editor Sharon Maguire Tel 020 7316 9016 sharon.maguire@incisivemedia.com with your details.