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Actuary of the future - Daniel ah-Sun

Date entered profession?
October 1998.
Date qualified?
December 2006! Took some time out of exams along the way
So, how did life change when you became FIA?
It hasn’t really, ‘life’ is the time outside work.
Best thing about being a contractor?
Freedom to work on the projects, in the places, and with the people I want to. The variety of work gives me a much broader picture of what is going on in the actuarial world and the many different people I meet has built up a great network of friends and contacts. Oh and the remuneration’s not bad either!
Jobs so far? (including pre-actuarial!)
Paper round, mobile pub, bin man, call centre, pensions review, a variety of actuarial contracts all over the place.
Exams passed?
Enough for now, but considering an MBA.
Most exciting actuarial moment?
Haven’t had an actuarial eureka moment yet, maybe it will come one day. Or maybe not.
Alternative career?
England manager. Writing this from Barcelona where I’m going to the Andorra game. We need a new manager, and I think I’m the man for the job.
Most memorable actuarial moment?
First day of work at HCAS (now Hazell Carr). My first proper job and the start of brilliant five years there.
Last CD purchased?
Life in Cartoon by Mika. Simply brilliant.

Film or theatre?
Theatre, but would rather watch live sport.
None now, but guinea pigs, a rabbit, goldfish, and rats in the past.
Green tea or coffee?
Prefer coffee, but trying to be good at the moment.
Spend or save?
Spend, spend, spend, borrow, then spend some more.
Exam philosophy?
Avoid doing much work for them unless absolutely necessary. There are so many other important things in a balanced lifestyle.
Any vices?
Too many (and probably not suitable) to list here, but am trying to give up smoking since I am finally being convinced by the actuarial research in the area that it really is that bad.
Next move for the actuarial profession?
A concerted effort to communicate to the general population what it is we do, why it is important that it gets done; and that much of our work is not an exact science since we are making educated guesses about the future. Will save me effort explaining what I do every time I meet someone new if nothing else!
Would like to see actuaries working in which wider field?
Not sure I’m convinced by a push for ‘wider fields’ for actuaries. We do what we do and we (generally) do it well. As actuaries, we clearly have transferable skills that can be applied outside the traditional areas of practice, but are those really the areas where we should be focusing as a profession?