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Actuary helps team to Four Nations tennis triumph

Former Nucleus finance director Neil Howitt successfully represented the England veterans tennis team in the recent Four Nations event held at the Welsh National Tennis Centre in Cardiff from 30 April to 2 May.
The event is an annual competition between England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, and this year involved categories for the over-35, 45 and 50 age groups. Neil played for the over-45 team, alongside Steve Brett (Leicestershire) and Brent Parker (Durham and Cleveland), both non-actuaries.

Having won the over 45s category, they followed it up with a combined mens’ and ladies’ team cup, which was also won by England. Neil ended up with four wins out of four, and was naturally delighted given that this was his international debut.

Neil has been playing county tennis from a young age, first as a junior for Dorset and subsequently for Gloucestershire, inspired by parents who were both keen players. He decided to take a career break last year from his actuarial role and, with the support of a very understanding wife, had the chance to focus on his tennis.

Neil managed to reach the final of the indoor nationals in the over-45 age category and achieved a GB ranking of 6 in that age group. This led to his selection for the Four Nations event this year.

Tennis runs in the family and Neil’s wife is a professional coach. The highlight of his tennis career was winning the National Husband and Wife championships for five years in a row after they were married.