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Actuaries take on Caledonian challenge

A team of four actuaries from PwC’s Edinburgh office completed the gruelling Caledonian Challenge on 11-12 June. Branded ‘The Walk of Your Life’, the arduous route covers a 54-mile stretch of the West Highland Way, which includes uphill sections equal in height to two ascents of Ben Nevis.

PwC actuaries on the uphill path

Colin Swan, Claire Woolley, Rebecca Coalter and Scott McNeill formed the imaginatively named ‘Will this improve our life expectancy?’ team to compete in the event and raise money for the Scottish Communities Foundation.

After many months of training and countless hours of walking, the team forewent sleep and battled through the pain barrier to complete the 54 miles in 24 hours and 20 minutes. They raised over £4,250 for charity in the process. The final stages were particularly tough but the team’s camaraderie saw them through.

The four were assisted by the support team of John Mellor, David Pearson and Cathy Walsh, who did a great job of providing hot meals, applying blister plasters and generally raising spirits.

They proved to be the vital element that helped the team over the finish line. Although the team have vowed to hang up their hiking boots in retirement, as time passes and blisters heal, who knows what the future will bring?