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A charitable run

On the way home one June evening, there was an article in thelondonpaper reporting on the forty Run 10k events that Cancer Research UK was arranging, based around historic buildings all over the country. One was to be held at the stunning location of Leeds Castle, close to my home in Kent — a place we visit regularly as a family. Given the number of family and friends who have come into contact with the disease, raising funds for Cancer Research UK had a significant personal resonance. Rapidly approaching 50 and still overweight despite many gym visits, a decision to enter was born.

I had already started running along the River Thames, typically from London Bridge to Westminster Bridge and back. These runs were later extended to Lambeth Bridge. With a young family and many weekend activities, training remained primarily a weekday exertion.

The big day arrived and I was there early to warm up, with local radio and gym instructors on hand to support and encourage. More than 2000 runners set off and, as expected, almost immediately we were heading uphill. The course undulated significantly throughout, resulting in me finishing in just over one hour, rather than under as hoped. With three young daughters waiting at the finish line I had to make it.

Many thanks to all those who sponsored me, and to the equal sponsorship from SIAS. I raised more than £2500 to help fight the terrible curse of cancer. The remaining question is: what about 2009? People news

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