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Who wants to be an actuary, then?

From the Daily Mirror review of Detour on 18 March:

‘Paul and Joanna are one extremely unlucky couple. They have spent five years trying to have a child only finally to realise they will never be able to. So they decide to adopt an unwanted Colombian baby and jet down from New York to Bogota to pick her up. Except, new baby Joelle in hand, they get kidnapped by a brutal gang of guerillas. Then things get really nasty.

‘On top of all this, Paul works in insurance as an actuary. He is continually weighing up the percentage of risk of any given situation. It doesn’t help him much, particularly when he realises the odds aren’t exactly stacked in his and Joanna’s favour.

‘This is James Siegel’s second novel. His first, Derailed, is currently being turned into a movie by director Mikael Hafstrom, starring, among others, Jennifer Aniston and Melissa George. If there are two things Siegel knows, it’s how to create an impact and how to do suspense.’

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