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What can e-books do for you?

The Profession’s libraries offer a selection of their more popular titles as e-books via the Athens portal. The following books are available and new titles are regularly added:

Actuaries’ survival guide: How to succeed in one of the most desirable professions by Fred Szabo.
Elsevier Science & Technology, 2004;

Copula methods in finance by Umberto Cherubini; Elisa Luciano and Walter Vecchiato. Wiley, 2004;

The essentials of risk management by Michel Crouhy; Dan Galai and Robert Mark. McGraw-Hill Publishing, 2005;

Investment guarantees: Modeling and risk management for equity-linked life insurance by Mary L Hardy. Wiley, 2003;

Simple tools and techniques for enterprise risk management by R J Chapman. Wiley, 2006

[Recommended reading for ST9”;

Solvency: Models, assessment and regulation by Arne Sandstrom. CRC Press, 2005;

The e-books can be read on any personal computer or hand-held device using any of the most popular internet browsers. You cannot download the whole book but may print chapters, sections or pages within the copyright restrictions of the title. You can search across the whole collection of e-books or conduct searches within a particular title.

A citation button shows you how to cite the book in your paper or essay according to different citation conventions. The e-book platform gives you access to a variety of reference sources, such as dictionaries, encyclopaedias and statistics, without having to leave the page you are reading.

To access the e-books, log on to the Athens portal, select ‘Myilibrary’ from the resource list and click on ‘Go’ opposite ‘Browse all e-books’. You can obtain an Athens login from libraries@actuaries.org.uk