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The Morris Review

Whilst welcoming the guidance of our chief executive on p4 of The Actuary for August, I note her remarks as set out below:

‘We understand from the review team that it hopes to get, and will give more weight to, responses from institutions rather than individuals. It does, however, want to get responses from firms’.

These remarks could perhaps give the impression that Sir Derek Morris would prefer our responses to be filtered and sanitised via our senior colleagues or via our employers. As I recall, Sir Derek said, at our AGM on 5 July, that he intended his review to be ‘forward-looking’ and that ‘nothing is off-limits’.Our chief executive states that Sir Derek’s ‘initial consultation paper’ is available online. At our AGM well-produced hard copies of his consultation document were also available. These may be obtained from:

The Morris Review, Room GC/08, 1 Horse Guards Road, London SW1A 2HQtel 020-7270 5961, fax 020-7451 7670

It would be a nice gesture if the actuarial profession were to make our electronic members’ mailing list available to the Morris Review in order that all our colleagues could be approached directly.