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SIAS treasure hunt

Wooden spoon winnersA small but elite group of treasurehunters set off from Covent Garden on Thursday 29 June. Each team had a pack containing directions, questions,a list of items to collect, and enough sweets to sustain them for the next week, never mind that evening!

The route took them around the West End, passing through theatreland and Chinatown, answering questions about all sorts of things that they passed en route. They also had the challenge of fitting as many different items as they could in a matchbox – one team stretched this to its limits, managing to get 40 things in their box, although whether ’a small piece of Chinese newspaper’, ’a small piece of red and white tape’, and ’a small piece of brick’ count as items is subject to debate...

All the teams ended up in the right pub on Wardour Street and enjoyed the buffet that was provided, while they waited for the scores to be counted and the winners announced.

’Eggs, bacon, chips and cheese’ took the prize for best team name, for sheer bizarreness. Unfortunately for them, they also scooped the wooden spoons – their hunting being made all that bit harder by arriving at Leicester Square after the gardens had closed so they couldn’t find the answers to the last few questions. Their guess of the distance to Windhoek, Namibia was amazingly close though! They did look very proud of their spoons and promised that they would spend their team name prize of vouchers on eggs, bacon....

The winning team didn’t have a team name but was made up of Jon Palin, David Harden, Jonathan Repp, and Sam Robinson. David had to leave before the winners were announced and so missed out on the team photo, but I’m sure he’s glad to see that his helpful team mates provided a photo of him, so he wouldn’t feel left out. (I bet he’s also glad I didn’t take up their offer of a photo of him dressed as a mermaid!) Their prize was theatre tokens and as one of the other tasks of the night was to collect leaflets for as many theatrical productions as they could, they had plenty of info handy to help them choose what they might like to go and see.

Well done to all those who took part – for your efforts at the treasure hunting and also your valiant attempts to make a dent in the huge buffet!

The winners