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SIAS pub crawl

The SIAS pub crawl was held on Thursday 13 May, and 66 people took on the challenge of completing the gruelling course of six pubs and the various games. This was also an opportunity to explore the sights of the City and network with other actuaries. The evening began in Monument, where participants were treated to the first drink on SIAS.

On completion, the various groups set off on the route – however, some strategy was involved to work out the most profitable approach. The temptation was there to stay for ‘one more’ but the lure of food and free cocktails at the final bar ensured that people continued onto the next challenge.

The games included physical ability (pub golf), mental agility (identifying that it is the SIAS centenary this year), creative skill (design a SIAS vodka shot) and complete mystery (I am thinking of a number between one and ten. This number is within all SIAS events. What number am I thinking of? Answer: seven).

The rewards were points, and a chance to win prizes. In third place was Martin Walshaw (Friends Provident). In second place came Richard Purcell (Pension Corporation). The winner was Craig Fothergill (RSA) with 53 points — a worthy winner, having devised a vodka shot called CA3 FA. The flavour? “Sour Grapes”.

Thanks to everyone for coming and making it such an enjoyable event.