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SIAS event: Salsa Evening

The SIAS Salsa Evening kicked off in the heart of London’s Charing Cross at well-known Bar Salsa. The night started off with a private dance lesson, exclusive for all actuaries and their partners. Initially the male contingent were a little bit nervous getting their ‘booties’ on the dance floor but once the beat began, they grabbed a partner and there was no stopping them.

The lesson began and the room turned into something resembling the salsa world championships. Concentration showed on all the faces and no one wanted to be the first to slip up. The gentle warm-up went well and everyone seemed to loosen up, except for one poor couple who were asked to dance on stage.

At first they jittered a bit but soon began free-styling elegantly with the rhythm and miraculously lasted the whole dance without stepping on each other’s feet. I’m pleased to say my guest, Brahman and I were awarded ‘cutest couple of the night’ and asked to join the performers on stage. Brahman ran off for a few quick happy hour refreshments before his nerves allowed him to make the stage. Following a boogie reminiscent of Dirty Dancing, no one could argue with the judge’s decision.

After the dancing, people followed their noses to the feast that was laid out for them. It could definitely have been referred to as the feeding of the 5000 looking at the number of mouth-watering platters that were available. The choice of food was impressive, including spicy chicken wings, a variety of pizzas, salad, BBQ ribs and Spanish omelette. Service was also first class and the waitresses very friendly and welcoming. Along with the meal, SIAS generously provided a selection of cocktails which went down a treat. Needless to say everyone wished there was more.

Once couples had recharged their batteries, the second dance began but this time the dance floor opened up to everyone. The SIAS members and guests had to put what they had learned to the test. There were good results all round proving that there is more to actuaries than meets the eye. To finish off the evening the instructors took to the stage and strutted their stuff, blowing the audience away. Some attempted to follow the moves but I think we’ll have to take things one step at a time.

Nilantheny Christie joined the SIAS Social Sub- Committee in October. She works at AIG.