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SIAS annual supper

A record 660 people attended this year’s SIAS annual supper at the New Connaught Rooms in London on Wednesday 13 November 2002, and according to feedback received, everyone had a great time. First we had a champagne reception, followed by the meal. After the meal, we had a business card raffle, with several prizes of the alcoholic variety. Top prize – a bottle of Moët – went to Charles Trefor from the Institute of Actuaries, and second prize – a rather nice bottle of Chablis – went to Chris Ham from Hewitt Bacon & Woodrow.

We also had a casino running after the meal, and several people spent considerable time losing all their (monopoly) money at roulette and blackjack. You’d have thought we actuaries should know better… The prize for the best return on the casino went to Colin Cartwright from Hewitt Bacon & Woodrow and Michael Hilary from Pinnacle. They both started with ten chips and ended up with one – pretty pathetic, but they were the only people to claim, so they win! They have been given the highly lucrative prize of a free ticket each to next year’s dinner. Many congratulations.

Finally, there was a disco after the meal, and a large number of the younger attenders (and even a few of the older ones) could be found strutting their stuff on the dance floor until well past midnight. The bar was also extremely well frequented, a sure sign that everyone was enjoying themselves.

There was, however, one criticism – the food was not what one would regard as haute cuisine. While it would be unreasonable to expect top-quality nosh, I was disappointed that the vegetables fell apart as soon as the waitress dropped them on me.

Thanks to everyone for attending and for making the evening such an enjoyable one. One final word of thanks must go to Yvonne Ferguson, whose help in organising the event was invaluable.

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