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SIAS Annual Dinner 2007

The 2007 SIAS Dinner on 23rd November at the Bloomsbury Club got off with a great start being completely sold out nearly four weeks before the event. Fortunately, I was able to negotiate some extra tables so that all those who applied by the early bird saver date were guaranteed a place. A record number of 600 guests attended in total.

The theme was "A Lavish Masquerade Ball" and indeed we did have a lavish display of masks and party frocks. It was great to see such a varied selection of masks from Venetian, Victorian to the various animal groups and some extremely interesting hand made masks.

For the few who didn’t come in disguise, SIAS kindly sponsored some 95p masks and the on sight face painter attacked those who dared to reveal themselves. By the end of the night we had many actuaries painted with animal faces and one keen actuarial student even had a silver annuity sign painted on his forehead! Even the girls touched up their make up with some glitzy designs.

The other main attraction was a free bar - the evening began with a champagne reception followed by unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks all night. The combination of the masks and free-flowing alcohol was sure to spell a messy night! All but one of these stories is true:

1) I received a text message the next morning asking me if anyone had handed in a bra they lost that evening
2) Someone was sick on the round centre seat, covered it up and someone else later sat on this!
3) Someone fell asleep then got prodded by security at 3am and decided to walk back to Earls Court.
4) Two actuaries kissed on the dance floor.
5) The organisers sent me a letter saying, "Your guests certainly seemed to have a great capacity for alcohol. Sadly, I have to confirm that there was some significant damage and breakages during this event and we will forward you the costs as soon as they are assessed."
6) Someone got arrested. Well, at least no-one ended up in jail!

The answer to the false statement, plus more gossip and pictures, can be found on our Facebook group. Please feel free to add any others. There will also be a prize for the best picture and story that gets posted up.

To me the night was a perfect end to my year as social convenor. I will now pass you over to the capable, younger hands of Miss Clara Hughes who has some great events lined up for you in 2008 including a poker night, a traffic light party and, of course, the old favourites.

This year I will take on the role of programme convenor. Tuesday nights may never be the same again! Best wishes for the New Year and I hope to see you all again very soon.

Report by Lisa Mahtani