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Scrutiny Committee

Work continues to establish a Scrutiny Committee (see p8 of The Actuary July 2004) which will take a major role during the interim in the oversight of the development of actuarial guidance notes/standards. If you are interested in working on or with this committee and you have not yet contacted Richard Maconachie, then please email richardm@actuaries.org.uk or telephone 0131-240 1301 as soon as possible.In the meantime, the work of the Actuarial Standards Board taskforce continues. The taskforce has its own views on the basic principles that should underlie actuarial advice. However, the taskforce (and the Actuarial Standards Board when established) is interested in your thoughts in this area.

Please let the taskforce have your views on what you consider these basic principles should be (no more than six and as concise as possible) by completing the form at www.actuaries.org.uk/link/professional_affairs/pab_news_0409_ScrutinyCttee.htmlor by emailing Richard Maconachie at the profession.