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Hazell Carr director, Kenneth Donaldson, has succeeded in his mission to cross the Sahara Desert on foot, running six marathons in seven days while wearing a 30lb rubber rhino suit! Kenneth’s completion of the Marathon des Sables, along with a team of seven, raised £30,000 to date for Save the Rhino International. The team had to compete in extreme conditions, with heat up to 125°F in the shade, freezing temperatures at night and the added fear of getting bitten by venomous snakes.

‘To have the chance to see the Sahara desert on foot and compete in the toughest footrace on earth was awesome. I very much doubt I will ever again experience such a deep sense of contentment, achievement, harmony, and camaraderie’, reflects Kenneth. ‘As scenery goes, the Sahara is heart-stoppingly, jaw-droppingly, and terrifyingly beautiful. As I ran through it, in the Rhino suit, I was almost in tears at the wonder of it all.’

Save the Rhino first caught the attention of the world’s media by running the London Marathon in its signature 7ft high, 32lb rhino costume. Over the next ten years they ran marathons and ultra-marathons around the world, completed the first sea-to-summit ascent of Mt Kilimanjaro, and became the first team to finish the Marathon des Sables in costume. The race started on 6 April and ended on 12 April. Readers can support this excellent cause by visiting www.savetherhino.org.