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Professional News: Institute news

Institute president Nick Dumbreck carried out one of the final duties of his term in office as he put the presidential badge on his successor, Nigel Masters. Nigel took the opportunity of the AGM to make his presidential address. You can download a recording of his address at: www.actuaries.org.uk/media_centre/news_stories/2008/july/new_institute_president

At the Institute AGM on 30 June, Andrew Chamberlain, Ralph Frankland, Paul King, Mike Kipling, Fiona Morrison and Peter Tompkins were elected to Institute Council.

Council members for 2008/2009 are:
President Nigel B Masters
Vice-presidents Sally Bridgeland, Seamus Creedon
Honorary secretaries Sally L Dixon, Kathleen J Byrne
Treasurer Robert T G Hails

Ordinary members:
Wendy M Beaver
Michael R Kipling
Andrew JM Chamberlain
Julian C T Leigh
Deborah R Cooper
J Martin Lowes
Charles A Cowling
Fiona J Morrison
Jane E M Curtis
Derek F B Newton
Nicholas J Dumbreck
Michael A Pomery
Donald B Duval D
Ian W Reynolds
Ralph Frankland
Nicholas J H Salter
Peter L Gatenby
Stuart M Shepley
Dermot J Grenham
Mark A Stocker
David J Hindley
Paul J Sweeting
Paul R King
Peter DG Tompkins