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Noah helps 1,000,000 orphans

We felt readers would be interested in this excellent cause, drawn to our attention by actuary Barry Childs. Barry wrote as follows:

‘The charity selected is Noah – Nurturing Orphans of Aids for Humanity. The Actuarial Society of South Africa’s Aids modelling figures show that there are currently 865,000 Aids orphans in South Africa, with that number projected to increase to over 2m by 2015.The result of the pandemic on infected lives is clear. The impact on affected lives is often overlooked, and in the case of orphans has often disastrous consequences. For example, it is common to see child-headed homes in affected families, with children as young as 7 being the head of the household, tasked to look after a number of even younger siblings. I’m sure you’ll agree this poses a massive problem for the country in terms of infrastructure, support, and future economic development. Noah’s mission is to create an environment for these children in which their potential can be reached, overcoming the obstacles put in their way by HIV/Aids.

‘In the face of this crisis I would like to take the opportunity to invite donations from the members and students of our profession, both in their private and corporate capacities, to this worthy cause. I believe there are significant and accessible resources within the reach of profession and if possible I would like to facilitate channelling some of those resources to Noah. It is likely that many of your corporates have existing social responsibility programmes to which this cause could be added. More information can be found at www.noahorphans.org.za.

‘Any pledges can be forwarded to barryc@discovery.co.za to which I will reply with the South African banking details, tax, and NGO number of Noah for your records. I’m grateful for this platform afforded me by The Actuary, and will gladly report back on any moneys pledged and collected for this cause.’

Barry Childs is at Discovery in South Africa and can be reached at the above email address and on +27-11-529 5814.