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News from the Global Financial Crisis Group

The Global Financial Crisis Group (GFCG) is making progress on plans for a half-day seminar at Staple Inn on 9 June. The GFCG has invited an audience of regulators, civil servants, senior finance officers and other interested parties to discuss the financial crisis and look at how best to move forward. The aim is to enhance the Profession’s reputation as risk management experts and provide a forum for debate for those at the centre of financial regulation.

Cass Business School will be presenting the interim findings of their research on systemic risk (see p16) and Paul Sharma of the FSA will be speaking on qualitative approaches to risk management. Dr Paul Wilmott, lecturer and author, will speak on ‘the lack of common sense in risk management’, and the final slot will include a presentation by the Modelling Extreme Market Events working party.

Have you contributed to the discussion board?
You have a chance to find out the latest news on the financial crisis and register your views by visiting the GFCG discussion board. Just visit the Knowledge Access Network (KAN) at http://kan.actuaries.org.uk, choose the GFCG discussion board from the list and log in using your ARN and password.

Want to get more involved?
Volunteers are wanted for the three working parties looking at specific areas: value at risk (VaR), liquidity, and extreme values. If you would like to know more about any of these groups, please contact Pat Rustem at patricia.rustem@actuaries.org.uk