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New Information and Assistance Notes issued — GN24 withdrawn

The Profession has issued two Information and Assistance Notes (IANs).

The Risks of Derivative Exposures, authored by the Finance and Investment Practice Executive Committee, intended to help actuaries who may encounter derivatives in the course of their work, but who have no specialised knowledge of this area.

The Actuary as an Expert Witness, authored by the Professional Regulation Executive Committee, intended to assist actuaries in the United Kingdom whenever they are instructed as an expert in proceedings before Civil courts or other Tribunals. The IAN replaces GN24: The Actuary as an Expert Witness, which is withdrawn with immediate effect. The IANs are published on the Profession’s website at www.actuaries.org.uk/IAN_Derivatives_20090109 and www.actuaries.org.uk/IAN_ExpertWitness_20090109