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Moving forward

It was back to the drawing board for the Joint Councils and, in February, they proposed a new merger package that includes a perhaps less contentious proposal for the name of the combined bodies, The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries. For some, losing the amusing MA FIA combination was a key concern and so the new proposal, which keeps the existing acronyms, should cause less upheaval.

Eligible members of both the Faculty and the Institute are invited to vote on the proposed merger on 25 May. Non-UK based members, though geographically distanced from the hub of the debate, are a significant proportion of those eligible to vote and your feedback is welcomed. As ‘shareholders’ in this profession we have a vested interest in this process and we are being presented with an opportunity to influence its direction. I hope that last year’s experience has made us more willing to act and to endeavour to put the matter to rest at last.

Of particular note this time round, the Profession is inviting parties of 10 or more members to create an identified group to present their views on the merger to the membership and, as I understand it, the groups will be allocated a dedicated space on the Profession’s website. Have your say — further information is available at www.actuaries.org.uk/?a=167005.

Continuing the spirit of providing a forum for readers and members to speak their minds, we are introducing a new page in the magazine where you will have the opportunity to get to know and to challenge members of Joint Councils. If you have a question you have always wanted to pose about the machinery of the Profession, please write in to editor@theactuary. org.uk. President-elect Jane Curtis will be first on the podium in a forthcoming edition.

In the meantime, the wider actuarial world continues to turn and this issue contains articles on investment strategy, longevity and research.

Marjorie Ngwenya



Election coverage

The editorial team is keen to receive views and contributions related to the forthcoming UK general election.
Contact editor@the-actuary.org.uk by 9 April.