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Monthly pass lists due from August 2010

Up until the current 2005 education strategy came into place, the work of Registry centred on the April and September exams and all that was entailed in running a robust exams system. The inclusion of CT9 Business Awareness and CA2 Model Documentation, Analysis and Report to the exams portfolio meant quite an administrative change for Registry and a change to learning for our students. We have now added both the UK practice modules and CA3 Communications to the portfolio of exams that sit outside of the main session. The administration of both the twice-yearly three-hour written exams and the two-day course-based exams has been developing to ensure that students see a seamless process that allows for the release of results in a clear, accurate way.

Up until recently anyone who obtained fellowship, associateship, a Diploma in Actuarial Techniques (DAT) or a Certificate in Finance and Investment (CFI) from a course-based exam pass or exemption had been gathered up with the main session-based results and the results published for all concerned in either July and December.

From August we will be changing the process and the following paragraph will be included on course-based exams results letters, UK practice module results letters and exemption granted letters: ‘From August 2010 the Profession will be introducing the publishing of monthly pass lists for those students that have gained the required subject through either a course pass or exemption and making them eligible for the following: DAT, CFI, Associate or Qualifier. The monthly pass lists will be published on the 15th of each month.’